Main Advantages of the Microwave Heating

  • Speeding up: minutes instead of hours!!
  • Volume Energy transmission - cold vessel
  • ENERGY Savings, Room Savings
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Automatization
  • Safety *
  • Environment *

Comparing to the processes using the combustion


After last Weekend in February I hope we see all our followers in Hannover 26.-28.2.2020!  Please come to bigest world´s Tire Technology Exposition to see our presentation from microwave healting field, Hall 21, stand 8074.


During last days in May meet us on LIGNA trade show to see what ROmiLL new technology can do in the processing of raw wood.  


We are having presentation on most prestigious Exhibition of Tire Technology in Hannover between 3rd and 5 th March!  We looking forward to your visit in Hall 21, stand 8066. On 5March 2019 at 14 o´clock come to see upcoming event Presentation of Sales Director Mr. Daniel Kettner - main topic is benefits and advantages of microwave heating technology for green tires. 

PF 2019 Joy, enthusiasm and  good luck in new year wish you ROmiLL



We introduce our MW heating programme in Czech Exposition on Composites Trade Show.


CEO board of ROmiLL company wish you a peaceful Christmas Holiday full of joy and well-being. To all our business partners and clients we thank very much for cooperation in this year and looking forward to a lot of fulfilled expectations and new realizations in year 2018!  

Welcome to the new yearIn February 14. - 16.2. we will be attending the famous Tire Technology Expo in Hannover and we will be happy to meet you at our stand 7016. Also if you have the chance, make sure to attend the conference as our colleague Daniel Kettner will be having a speech where we are planning to start a real revolution in the industry!   

We are entering the week where only the most persistent people keep on working but even they will soon start preparing themselves for the well-deserved rest after the year-long job well done. Whether you are already relaxing or still working, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Not many days are remaining until we all move on to celebrate the Christmas holidays. The outside temperatures fully correspond to this time of the year. The weather is cold and even freezing. The bills for heating are rising and where it is necessary to warm something up in the production process, it is becoming somewhat tricky. On the other hand, this is the exact reason why winter is the perfect time to show the benefits of using microwave heating. Are you heating/drying something in your manufacturing process and you believe a more efficient way is possible? You are definitely right. Give us a call! 

Only a few days remain before the gates of the Düsseldorf exhibition grounds open and everyone will be welcomed at the K exhibition – the world’s leading plastic and rubber trade fair. Because microwaves bring amazing benefits to the plastics and rubber industry, the attendance of ROmiLL is a must. Our stand will be in the hall 8b stand F22. We will be happy to welcome you all at our stand! 

The REIFEN exhibition brought its first results and we can proudly present that we are currently manufacturing a two-pallet device for the preheating of natural and synthetic rubber which will be delivered this fall. When we add that to a very interesting contract from the wood applications field we can say that our production is now quite booked. It is always easier and more effective to work on more devices of the same kind at the same time, so if you are interested to start using microwave technology – let us know. We are sure we will be able to incorporate your request to the current process.

We just returned from the REIFEN exhibition and even though we didn’t have as much visitors as we expected, we can say it was pretty successful. We acquired a lot of new information which will lead to development of new products. We had a lot of tech-related discussions which will eventually lead to some deliveries and we also know the next two destinations for our testing chamber – Austria and Poland. If you are following us from these two countries and are interested to find out how microwaves can enhance your production process, make sure you let us know!

The microwave division of the company ROmiLL is participating in the REIFEN exhibition that is taking place 24.5. – 27.5. in Essen! We will be happy to meet you at our stand and we are sure you will not be disappointed. We are going to announce a great surprise which hasn’t been successfully applied in the tyre industry before! We are also bringing a testing device as an exhibit where we will perform a few demonstrations in real time. Come and reveal the breakthrough in the tyre industry! 

Dear visitors thank you for your interest and please accept our apology for the lack of updates in the last few weeks. Since the beginning of the year we are diligently working on promoting our technology to the whole world and we are encountering a pleasant interest. Our research & development team has been abroad for almost two months where they have been working directly in the factories of our potential clients and showing them the enhancements that microwave technology can offer. Since these demonstrations proved very effective we are definitely going to continue in this manner. If you are interested to find out how microwave technology can enhance your manufacturing process make sure to book a date on the email But make sure to do so soon, since we are encountering quite some interest. 

Dear friends, we wish you all peaceful and merry holidays. Let all your dreams come true and we are sure that the following year 2016 will be the best one so far! 


We would like to thank everyone who gave us a visit at our stand and was interested in our technology. We were very happy to discuss various possible applications and thus every visit was a quite rewarding experience. Right now we are sorting all the data and performing all the needed calculations. Stay tuned though since on the 4.1. we’re going to give a green light to all the projects and testing. In the meantime we wish you to withstand the pre-holidays stress and finish all the tasks so that the holidays could be full of rest and happiness. 

Dear visitors we would like to invite you to the exhibition Ceramitec which will take place from 20. – 23. October in München. We will be happy to meet you at the booth 123 in hall B1. We will be bringing a real microwave device for the pre-drying of sanitary ceramics so I am sure the visit will be worth it!

All the leaflets can be downloaded here:
Pre-drying of sanitary ceramics
Drying of sinks and simple-shaped sanitary ceramics
Drying of complex sanitary ceramics
Drying of technical and handmade ceramics

One of the possible applications of the industrial microwave heating is in the process of wood modification. The advantage of using wood is that it is a renewable material and in case it is modified its properties are comparable (if not better) to other building materials. The methods of wood modification are currently being researched and developed by the experts from Mendel University in Brno and they are using our microwave device. More information is available here and a video here (both in Czech language). The research has a lot of potential so the video was actually aired in the main evening news.  

Dear visitors, we are happy to see your interest in our company. Even though outside the windows we can see that the real summer has started and in a lot of companies you can sense a certain slowdown, we are going the exact opposite direction.

We had a number of foreign visits in the past weeks and in the area of preheating and vulcanization of rubber we are on route to some interesting projects. We also just recently signed a contract for delivery of a microwave device to the sanitary ceramics industry which is a proof that the microwave technology has certainly its benefits for this sector.

We are also receiving more inquiries every day which is a very pleasant experience. Therefore if you are interested in something concerning microwave technology don’t hesitate to contact us. It is highly probable that if there is something that you weren’t able to solve while using conventional technology, the microwaves might bring an effective answer.

We wish you all a wonderful summer, perfect holiday and that you always have a reason to wear a smile on your face.
It has been some time since the last update so it is the right time to present more news from the company. We are all enthusiastic right now about the finishing phase of a microwave line for the drying of technical ceramics. Make sure to check some photos from the delivery of the first part.

When finished it will be a 16 meters long device with the ability to dry small pieces of technical ceramics in just a few minutes. It is the 6th generation of such devices so it will be the best one so far!

Also we would like to inform you about our current orientation since we believe these applications have the potential to launch a revolution in the respective industries.

The first set of applications is for the sanitary ceramics industry where we are able to remove the moisture content from pieces in an incredibly short time. Microwaves can be used either for pre-drying or it is even possible to go all the way! If you want to find out more about pre-drying, you can find the information here.

Since many people were interested to see such a device in action we will soon present the possibility to visit a demo site where the microwave pre-dryer is in operation!

The second revolutionary set of applications is for the rubber and tyre industry. As you may know, rubber is a terrible heat conductor. That means heating larger pieces by conventional means might take a few days. It might actually take 3 days to be specific and still the homogeneity and other parameters aren’t perfect. However there is a solution to improve this process and the answer are microwaves! The results are nothing but breathtaking.

We will bring more news soon, so stay tuned.

Dear customers, dear business partners, we value our cooperation in the year 2014 and we are glad that we can enter the year 2015 together.

Keep in mind that as it is important in business, also for the personal life, growth is a must. Therefore another year means new experience that can be very well used right now and make the year 2015 the best so far. The beauty in this statement is that it really takes everyone in consideration. If you faced success, keep on doing what works! If you weren’t that lucky and the previous year caused a lot of trouble, you now know what ways aren’t effective to take.

Allow me to share a lovely citation:
“I never failed. I just found 10000 ways that won’t work.”
Thomas A. Edison

Go on and give the very best from yourself and we are sure you will face nothing but success!  

We thank everyone that were interested in our technology and visited our stand at Tecnargilla fair in Italy. We are happy to announce that we have been quite busy and will be starting some long term cooperations soon.

We are currently gathering all the information and we will be contacting everyone in the following days so stay tuned.

There were 30000 visitors from all around the world and one percent of them made a stop at our stand! We are looking forward to the Tecnargilla 2016 where we will most probably come with some great news.