1. Preparation of material
  • dividing of material with band-saws processing of sheetmetals – scissors, bending, rolling, edging tube and profile forming

2. Welding
  • welding of ordinary steel, stainless materials, light metal alloys, method TIG, CO2, coated electrode

3. Locksmith and assembly works

  • all kinds of ordinary locksmith works
  • complete assembly of machines and equipments incl. design documentation, wide experience with manufacturing of feed and food machines, mainly worm conveyors – foldable, conveying ways, pressureless vessels, box-constructions, cubical and grate-shaped weldments from profiles, assembly of single-purpose machines incl. design works and setting the machines in operation
  • ordinary assembly work and product fixing, assembly of electrical equipment, switch cupboard ACS, MaR on machines of own production, we use industrial programmable controller for management (PLC)

4. Tooling
  • turning works with centre lathe with diam. up to 600 mm
  • milling with universal, vertical and radial milling machines
  • drilling with horizontal borer
  • boring with column, turnable and radial borers
  • grinding, diam. up to 200 mm, L = 1000 mm
  • vertical slotting – width up to 18 mm

5. Surface finishing and heat treatment
  • coating and painting in paint shop equipped with spraying unit – heat treatment is ensured in cooperation

6. Handling
  • fork truck with maximum load up to 2,5 t all workplaces are equipped with turnable column crane with maximum load up to 1 t

7. Transportation
  • freight car with maximum load up to 1,5 t