Main Advantages of the Microwave Heating

  • Speeding up: minutes instead of hours!!
  • Volume Energy transmission - cold vessel
  • ENERGY Savings, Room Savings
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Automatization
  • Safety *
  • Environment *

Comparing to the processes using the combustion


Processes and Products

Branch Processes Products
foods, agriculture drying Seeds, stimulants, flour, tapioca, tea, fruit pectin, mashrooms, rice, pastes, MRE‘s, fruits, vegetablesságo,
Decreasing moisture of soya extruded (healthy  food producer)
Barleycorn drying (mills)
Curing herbs drying (spicery pack house)
Vitamin-minerals additivs drying for microgranulation (animal feed additive producer)
Defreezing, thawing Fruits, vegetables, fruit pulp, meat
tempering (to -4 or -2°C) Meat, eggs, fishes
sterilization, devitalization, insect pests segregation, thermal conservation Additives, spices, cereal products ochucovadla,  müsli, flour, floccules, chips, grit, crumbs, dried milk, dry egg substances, feed mixtures, feed components, slaughter descendants  

5 kW hygienization and health securing line for mill and dietary packaging produser (health nutrition producers)
hygienization 10 kW line for food securing of packed seeds, fruits, nuts etc. (packhouse in Turkey)
insect pests segregation  in müsli products  (müsli sticks producer)
insect pests segregation  in dried (mill,  bakery and pattiserie additives producer)
Mikrobial standardization of cocoa powder
pasterization Toast bread, durable bakery products, beer
Pasterization of packed toast bread (two bakery holdings)
Pasterization of various packed bakery products, durable diary (bakery Slovakia)
stabilization, enzymatic inactivation, blanching 
Oil seeds, poppy, nuts, corn sprout, fullfat soya, rice pollard, fruits 
4 x 5 kW line for enzymatic elimination of oil seeds several times enlarging of durability (bakery and pattiserie ingredients producer)
50 kW line for stabilization and enzymatic inactivation of the wheat sprouts (mill – U.S.A.)
Enzymatic stabilization of rape seed (lipid concern)
Decreasing of activity of trypsin inhibitor in fullfat soya
Roasting, caramelization Oil seeds, i.e. nuts sesame  etc.
Shells removing Shellfish treating, (fishery - Iceland)
Cooking and baking Meat, bacon, sausages, unpeeled potatoes
Heating Ready meals in large catering establishments, bones, butter, edible oil, extracts, biomass
Thermal processing Amyl, gherkins, soya beans, canded anise, potato corns, feeds (incresing of nutrition values and digestibility)
dehydratation Meat, onion
Precooking, partial cooking Rice, pulse, diary halfproducts, foods for subsequent freezing or cooling
melting Fat emulsions
empting Honey bottles
Moisture moderating Tobacco (shucks)
Research 2 kW continual equipment for food processingf simulation (faculty of engineering, Czech Technical University)
Research task „Enteropatogen devitalizaion, salmonela coli“ Department of agricult.
Research task „MW field interaction improving the health and nutrition parameters“ (Department of Trade of Czech Rep.)
Rubber, elastomers Vulcanization, devulcanizatin, preheating, drying melting, renovation Fittings, carcase, tyres, syntetic rubber, rubber bales, half products, bunchs, packets, half products, foam rubber, chemical compounds containing rubber, polyester and nylon products with rubber surface, styren butadien rubber grit
20 kW line upgrade for vulcanization of rubber profiles
10 kW equipment for rubber carcase preheating (vulcanization presser producer)
Vulkanization of rubber profiles (rubber plant)
 Preheating of rubber  before the stamping (rubber plant)
Natural and synthetic rubber preheating to vulcanization temperature (rubber platn)
Ceramics Drying, cauterization, surface treating, hardening, mould removing Ceramics  (technical, special, decrative, art, fireproof), silicates, abrasive disks, plaster calcium forms,  glaze enamels, pains, pigments, fireclay, sands, till, magnezit, ceramic foam(polycurathane), Zinc oxide ceramics, inlays, pads, fillers, inlets
8 kW chamber drier for special technical ceramics, (Plugs producer for diesel engines)   
High plastic ceramic clay producer (fireclay producer)
Ceramic filters drying (metalurgy industry supplier)
Celadon insulators preheating before the lead inlet inserting (electro insulators producer)
sušení granulátu k výrobě glazury (výrobce polotovarů pro keramický a sklářský průmysl)
Glazing granulate drying (halfproducts supplier for glass and ceramic industry)
Glass melting, tempering, Drying přesné temperování skloviny před vstřikováním (projekční a poradenská firma pro sklářský průmysl)
sušení brusírenských sklářských kalů (výrobce televizních obrazovek)
Chemicals and pharma-ceutics
drying,  chem.reaction speeding, melting, expansion, foaming,
pharmaceutics, various chemicals, catalysts
pigments, paints, glues drying, polymerization
polygraphic paints and pigments, paints and surfaces treatment without dry underlay harm; varnish, lackers, epoxy resins
composites hardening, polymerization, pultruzion,  drying, composite profiles , laminates, glass-laminates, resins, glas and carbon filament fibre beams

plastics drying, polymerization, welding, shrinking, preheating, spraying, forming, treating, 
paper drying
Textile Leather,
sušení, rozpojování, čištění, fixace barviv Fibres, Fabrics, tetiles

Wood drying, forming , modifying, glueing, upgrading sawn wood, species, plywood, veneer

others Research