Main Advantages of the Microwave Heating

  • Speeding up: minutes instead of hours!!
  • Volume Energy transmission - cold vessel
  • ENERGY Savings, Room Savings
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Automatization
  • Safety *
  • Environment *

Comparing to the processes using the combustion


Gases and Non-polar materials cannot be easily heated by Microwaves  as they are not absorbing MW energy  on usual frequencies.

Microwave energy however is very effective for ionization: creating of plasma and also for Microwave Drying


In dielectric heating the energy of high-frequency electromagnetic field is being transferred to thermal energy. It happens due to the effect of alternating electromagnetic field to the polar molecules of the material.  

The molecular dipoles are permanently altering following the current field orientation up to billion times per second. During that two essential effects apply: the intermolecular friction surpassing the molecular attraction forces and the hysteresis occurring between the field and induced electric feedback caused by inertia depending on electric charge, mass and shape of the molecules. Due to these effects the product heating is extremely rapid and proceeds in the whole volume of polar material effected by the electromagnetic field.

The principle of dielectric heating has been discovered consequently to the radar development immediately after the WW2 finding the commercial application only after more then twenty years. 

Although microwave heating does not apply to gasses in general - the microwave drying is widely used – employing the microwave energy for evaporating bringing its specific advantages. Microwave energy is frequently used as a source of ionized matter =">" plasma generators. Less often the MW energy can be used for melting.