Main Advantages of the Microwave Heating

  • Speeding up: minutes instead of hours!!
  • Volume Energy transmission - cold vessel
  • ENERGY Savings, Room Savings
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Automatization
  • Safety *
  • Environment *

Comparing to the processes using the combustion


Food Processing Industry

Food processing industry represents far large scope for using Microwave developing the NEW APPLICATIONS every day as well as optimizing and improving THE EFFICIENCY and advances of the common usual MW processes.  For better general overview it is good to split the processses to 6 basical areas:  
  • Pasteurization and sterilization (devitalization) – hygienization of foods and feeds
  • Thawing, Defreezing and tempering
  • Inactivation of enzymes and blends stabilization
  • Drying –deploying the same scope of general microwave drying advantages as are applied also in many different branches
  • Cooking, baking, roasting  - irreversible heat treating causing non-returnable product changes
  • Heating, preheating, MRE’s – reversible heat treating without any undoable product changes. Effectively applicable both in industrial and in gastronomy processing can be further enhanced by using so called active packaging.

Food products that are effectively treated using microwaves cover the full range of this branch. Having on mind very different and unique product properties there is always necessary to test each new solution for the respective application, and trace the respective product behavior in the electromagnetic field determining its loss factor as well as temperature properties. 

Explicit here are just  examples of several products tested by us recently: stimulants, spices, amaranth, seeds, fruits, poppy, tea, tobacco, cereal products, wheat sprouts, pastries, rice, legumes, diaries, bread, flour, bran, amyl, MRE’s, fats, emulsions, fruits, vegetables, meat, fishes, poultry, egg products, feed blends and their components, biomass