ROMILL s.r.o.
Tkalcovská 799/14
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
phone  +420 518 714 111

GPS: 49°11'48.297" N
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Company Reg. No.: 44016573
VAT No.: CZ44016573

About us

ROmiLL was established in 1991 as a limited liability company, and started with the solution of projects in two basic fields:
  • machines and technology for the production of feed
  • mixtures equipment for industrial microwave (MW) heating.
ROmiLL is Czech company, since its establishment aimed at research, development and innovations.


ROmiLL is first Czech producer of industrial equipment with microwave heating for drying, vulcanization, defrosting, dispersion hardening, fusion, recycling, fastening the reactions and gluing. When speaking about food it is ceramics, rubber, chemicals, composites, plastics and wood. The most enormous development of microwave heating technology programme has been reached since 2005. ROmiLL has gained large experience in the research and development of a considerable number of applications for various industrial branches; in Central Europe it is sole company enabling to deliver such number of application from so many various areas. Hi-tech is developed individually and tailor-made, except for exceptions. 

Unique results are reached at sterilization, inactivation, thermo-sersitive drying, quick gluing and pre-heating of enormous blocks of rubber.

First projects dealt with problems of the hygienization of food products with high content of solids; this includes the processes of sterilization, pasteurization, enzymatic inactivation and effective thermo-sensitive drying. 

Gradually, the variety of solved applications has been steady growing. The most important are vulcanization, pre-heating of rubber, drying of ceramics and chemicals.

ROmiLL has vast experience in the research and development of MW applications on the 2450 MHz frequency and it delivers appropriate equipment. We implement also projects using the 915 MHz. We plan to include also the radio frequency (RF) heating in 13 MHz and 26 MHz bands as well.

Our customers are manufacturing companies, as well as research institutes, universities and designer companies. On developmental projects, we cooperate both with the producers of heating systems and suppliers of other technologies.

It is characteristic for this technology that any new application is at first prooved experimentally, whether is it solvable using microwaves, and what would be the final effect. The deliveries of MW equipment are usually individually customized and "made-to-measure" according to the specific process and particular requirements of a customer.

ROmiLL specialises in research, development and innovations since its establishement. The main goal is to satisfy individual customer requirements and to offer them above standart care under the pressumption of high qualification of workers and their multiyear belonging.