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The machine ROmiLL CP2 with press-tunnel 6.5'
The machine is after complete repassing, we only mention the most important:

  • New rollers
  • New paint
  • new cog wheel
  • new bearings

  • Functionally, this is basically a new machine.

    Special Price: € 45 000.

    Long lifetime of roller mills ROmiLL

    • robust design
    • high abrasion resistance of rollers
    • stable alignment of rollers by an unique mechanism against damage  caused by hard objects
    • reliable gears


    M2 Italy (processing of grain for pigs)

    M2 Germany (work on a field)

    CP1 Denmark (demo)

    M1 Finland

    CP2 Czech Republic

    For further referencies, please contact the distributor in your country.  



    • The feed texture can be set according to the requested fineness both for cattle and monogasters.
    • The feeding value of the wet ensilled grain processed by roller method, boosts digestibility, thus also production effectivity.
    • Costs savings reach up to 33 €/t.
    • Throughput of 20 t/hr is reached by power input of mere 60 HP.


      • Operation at the place of storaging.
      • The machine is designed both for harvesting service companies and for primary producers.
      • It can be used year-long: on one hand as a wet grain crumbler in the harvest time, on the other hand as grinder for dry cereals during the remaining time of the year.
      • Fully cover the work of one thresher.
      • After a simple modification, it may also serve as a grain crimper – a simple change from a grinder into a crimper and vice versa can be acomplished within one working shift.
      • The machine is driven by a cardan shaft of tractor or by an electric motor.
      • The machine is generally delivered in mobile version on an one-axle chassis.
      • However the stationary version is also possible to order. In this case the machine can be manipulated by a high-lift truck and transported by a standard vehicle.
      • The machine contains a horizontal conveyer with an applicator for spraying preservatives, a vertical conveyer and an additional hopper designed mainly for loading by a front loader.

      Tractor 60 hp
      Processing capacity - cattle 15-20 t / h
      Processing capacity - pigs     7,5-15 t / h
      Curb weight 2 150 kg
       Volume of hopper
       3,1 m3
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