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The machine ROmiLL CP2 with press-tunnel 6.5'
The machine is after complete repassing, we only mention the most important:

  • New rollers
  • New paint
  • new cog wheel
  • new bearings

  • Functionally, this is basically a new machine.

    Special Price: € 45 000.

    Long lifetime of roller mills ROmiLL

    • robust design
    • high abrasion resistance of rollers
    • stable alignment of rollers by an unique mechanism against damage  caused by hard objects
    • reliable gears


    M2 Italy (processing of grain for pigs)

    M2 Germany (work on a field)

    CP1 Denmark (demo)

    M1 Finland

    CP2 Czech Republic

    For further referencies, please contact the distributor in your country.  



    • Unrivalled capacity - up to 60 t/h
    • One machine covers 4 different operations.
      - grain crushing/crimping
      - spray application of a preservative on the crushed material, or additional moisturizing
      - mixing of the crushed material and the preservative
      - bagging of the mass 
    • Significant costs reduction in post-harvest treatment
      - up to 60 t/h with the diesel consumption of 0,9 l/t of product
      - one operator for the whole process from crushing to pressing
    • The feed structure can be varied according to the requested fineness both for cattle and monogasters
    • Alternative utilization:
      - other kinds of feedstuff or organic materials can be stored in a bag
      - the crushed and preserved mass can be emptied into a silage pit instead of into a bag
      - as a roller grinder of dry grain for the year-long operation also out of the harvest season


    • The machine is designed for contractors and farms processing bigger volumes of the feed 
    • This model is determined for operation at a farm, where grain, transported from a field from a harvester-thresher, is processed and immediately stored in a bag
    • It is equipped with two roller mills of series 1200
    • The wet grain is transported from the field to the machine and is filled into a hopper using a receiving worm conveyor or a front loader
    • Consequently, the grain is crushed while an appropriate milling gap can be set according to requirements for different product structure for cattle and monogasters
    • 3 diameters of bag are available - 1,5 m; 2 m; 2,4 m
    • It can be used all year-round as a wet grain crusher during the harvest season and as a dry grain grinder, optionally also as a crimper, in remaining part of the year
    • Automatic machine operation included dosing tourniquests
    • Dousing tourniquests included in the basic configuration
    • Place for two IBC barrels with preservative
    • The crushed mass is than sprayed by a preservative. Afterwards the processed product is transported, compressed and pressed into a bag using special helical device
    • The result is a crushed preserved mass with optimal moisture of 30 to 40%, stored at the maximal air displacement. After disassembly of the crushing units and assembly of a separator, it is possible to fill the bag with other types of feedstuff and organic materials (e.g. beet cuttings)

    CP2 Plus
     Tractor drive  min. 200 hp
     Processing capacity - cattle  45-60 t / h
     Processing capacity - pigs  30-45 t / h
     Curb weight  6200 kg
     Ø bag  1,5m, 2 m and 2,4 m
     Volume of hopper
     3 m 3
     Deisel consumption
     0,7-0,9 l/t
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