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Self-loading round bale handler

Efficiency of harvesting the culm crops by pressing into round bales is directly proportional to managing the manipulation with these bales, especially their transport from the field. ROmiLL ROTOS offers the most effective solution of loading and transport of the pressed straw, hilage, sillage included bales in protective foils. 
Leaflet Rotos
Movie Rotos
  • Collection facing the direction of tractor travel without necessity to stop or slow down
  • Average time of loading of 10 bales – 3 minutes
  • Different sizes of bales –    Ø 1,2 -1,5 - 1,8 m
  • Control from the tractor cab by means of joystick
  • Minimum stress of machine chassis
  • Self-loading round bale handler ROTOS provides the most effective way of loading and transport of pressed straw, hay and silage. The average loading time of 10 bales with diameter 1,5 m is 3 minutes.
  • The machine can be used both for direct transport of bales to the farm and for delivery of bales to the side of a field.
  • Collection facing the direction of tractor travel without necessity to stop or slow down. Hydraulic-operated loading mechanism is tipped down to the down position, passes under the bale and subsequently is lifted up with the bale to the upper position. The bale runs spontaneously down due to gravity on the inclined plane to its place on the trailer.
  • After filling one side/row, the tow bar is moved to the other end position and the operator passes the bales from the other side of the trailer, so that another trailer side can be loaded.
  • Unlikely by the other systems, the work proceeds facing the direction of travel which results in conserving the trailer chassis.
  • The unloading follows after releasing a security bar and the bales run again by virtue of gravity down landing behing the trailer. They end up in ideal position for subsequent handling.
  • Control of all functions proceeds from the tractor cab by means of electric-hydraulic system - joystick
transport capacity
8 bales Ø 1,8 m
10 bales Ø 1,5 m
12 balesØ 1,2 m
maximal speed
40 km/h
curb weight
4 400 kg
total weight
13 000 kg
tractor 100 HP
400/60-15,5 18PR