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Engineering, design, consultations and supply services are based on vast experience in the field of feed mill and lines for the treatment, mnodification and storage of agricultural plant production.
The solutions take always investor´s specific conditions, individual needs and possibilities into account. ROmiLL is responsible as a general supplier for complex technology "taylor-made" units, or as a part-supplier for patrial stages (design service, supplies of technological equipments, spare parts, assembly works, etc.).

Type of services:
complex or part reconstructions and new constructions, reparations, modifications, adaptations, changes, renovations, modernisation of parts of technology unists, equipment dovybavení o systémy pro řízení počítačem atp.

Typical technologal equipment:

  • equipment for grinding and crumbling
  • mixers, granulators, coolers
  • supply bins and silos
  • batching scales
  • control systems
  • conveying equipment (worm conveyors, bulk conveyors, chain conveyors, transport belts, down pipelines)
  • accessories for conveying equipment (clack valves, slide doors, clamps, redukce, connection pieces)
  • steel constructions
  • packing equipment and bag lines
  • drum cleaners and pre-cleaners, incl. spare screens; vibration table separators

Businesses: mixing plants, dryers, oil press, breweries, destileries, chocolate factories, packing bay, lime works.
Materials: all kinds of grain,legumes, pellets, rapeseeds, malt, coffee, spices, dry fruits, seeds, poppy seeds, mixtures and additives for backeries, lime mixtures, saw dust.
Processes: milling, crimping, crushing, mixing, granulation, cooling, drying