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GrainVac 3700


The company REM Enterprises inc. from Canada is the producer of the vacuum grain over-loader, and in the North America it is considered to be the No.1 on the market. ROmiLL became in 2010 a sole distributor of these top machines in the whole Europe. The technology REM is unique due to its design, however at first due to the utilization for wide range of different materials. Highly effective vacuum over-loaders are suitable for conveying of grain at the distance of 15 m at maximum. 

The design solution of combination of vacuum and mechanical transport makes this machine unique.  This system allows extraordinary throughput for suction of grain and its pre-cleaning from dust particles. The screw conveyor transports the commodity subsequently to e.g. trailer, wagon etc. All this allows up to more than double throughput in comparison to other machines determined for transport of grain.

Advantages of the machine GrainVac 3700

  • Mobile vacuum technology for transport of all kinds of dry cereals. 
  • Three pneumatic rotors ensures the capacity up to 270 tons of transported grain per hour.
  • Aspiration unit for separation of dust particles, possiblity to adjust exhaust direction.
  • Air throttles reduce load of sigle parts and fuel consumption. The suction stops automatically, if the hose is removed from the grain. 
  • Flexible hose for ideal adjusting of suction.
  • Hydraulically tipping discharge auger
  • Specially engineered technology of air flow reduces intensity and level of noise.
  • Transport from bags, wagons, trailers etc at the distace of up to 15 meters. 
  • The machine is equipped with special torsion axles, which reduces vibration by operation and ensures smooth tow at higway speed.
More and detailed information about the products by REM company can be found under:

 commodity  length of suction hose
   2,5 m
7,5 m
15 m
 wheat  270 220
 barley  175 130
 maize  270 210
 rape seeds
 210 175
 soya  260 205
 oat  120 80

 length  3,4 m
 height  2,4 m
 width  2,3 m
 weight  1950 kg
 length of discharge conveyor  4,87 m
 diameter of discharge conveyor  300 mm
 height of suction window from ground
 960 mm
 required revolution from tractor
 1000 rpm
 tractor power
 180 HP
 hydraulic requirements
 flow 7,5l/min, 144 bar

REM GRAINVAC 2700 & 3700