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  • Systematically validated accuracy – stirring ratio higher than 1 : 10 000
  • Low construction height
  • Unification with ROmiLL roller mills
  • Weighing all components on one tensiometric scale
  •  Base of compact and variable feed mill
  • Start even by fully charged machine


These machines are designed for mixing of elements of various kinds and forms of loose materials. Due to the unique way of homogenization and high variability they are the optimal solution for mixing in mid-capacity technological lines.These mixers have been developed to homogenize grinds made of all sorts of grains and other plant materials variously modified, together with small batches of specific feed additives – micro components. Besides feed mixtures production in agriculture companies and associations, they are also used in other industries. The stainless steel model is suitable for food plants, producers of chemicals, etc.

The machines distinguish themselves by their low construction height, unification with ROmiLL roller machines, the possibility of tensionmetric weighing for component dosage, by massiveness and trouble-free operation. The main advantage of the machines is a mixing ratio above 1:10,000, which enables to achieve balanced shares of nutrients in terms of the mixture formula determined for the respective species and categories of animals. Verification of accuracy has been performed in accordance with relevant methodology and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Electric motor (3x400 V, 50 Hz)  5.5 kW  7.5 kW
 Mixing tank capacity  1.6 m3  1.9 m3
Weight of mixed batch (depends on mixture sort)  cca 500 kg  cca 600 kg
Batch processing time
 6-10 min; 3-5 t/h  6-10 min; 3,6-6 t/h
 Weight  1300 kg  1470 kg