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Main Advantages of the Microwave Heating

  • Speeding up: minutes instead of hours!!
  • Volume Energy transmission - cold vessel
  • ENERGY Savings, Room Savings
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Automatization
  • Safety *
  • Environment *

Comparing to the processes using the combustion



Output of more generators can be coupled, optimized and controlled by central processor.  Heavy duty applicators require sophisticated design in order to minimize the reflected power of more coupled generators, avoid the negative interference of magnetrons decreasing their persistence etc.

That is why most of the power microwave implementations are customized per detailed process specification. Only experienced customers can buy generators and solve successfully its deployment in specific application. Coupling generators to applicators can be also contracted as a service from ROmiLL Company.

Generators and Components


The microwave generators perform incredible scope of applications covering all industrial branches as well as research and development. Such a wide range does not enable any company to deliver all the modifications especially generators working at many different frequency bands.

ROmiLL Company designs and delivers different power class generators working on main technical frequency in ISM range.

Baseline class of generators is based on fixed power air cooled magnetrons. They usually do not need the advanced protection by the circulator (isolator). Reflected power is minimized by suitable applicator coupling and adjustment of its design. The durability of the cheap class magnetron is by order less than that of generator. That’s why the magnetrons have to be replaced periodically as a spare part or consumable.  

Reflected power sensor and the switched power control are accessories enhancing the performance of medium class generators. They can use either water cooled or air cooled magnetrons (mostly fixed power). Fluent regulation is not common for industrial applications but can be required for research laboratory instruments (that unlike industrial have often lifetime capacity matched to intermittent service rather then continual.

Advanced class of generators is based on water cooled powerful magnetron with fluently regulated power. Sophisticated reflected power protection (circulator/isolator) is deployed together with diagnostic. In result these generators are characterized by huge power as well as enormous persistence for both generator and magnetrons in continual service.

Generators working on less applied frequencies we deliver from our partner companies abroad in order to economize their design.