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Main Advantages of the Microwave Heating

  • Speeding up: minutes instead of hours!!
  • Volume Energy transmission - cold vessel
  • ENERGY Savings, Room Savings
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Automatization
  • Safety *
  • Environment *

Comparing to the processes using the combustion


Defreezing and Tempering

Many advanced microwave implementations worldwide are used frequently for red meat thawing as well as fishes, fruits and vegetables.
Main competitive advantage are increased rates since the microwave thawing takes minutes instead of hours or tens of hours    
The process excels in high bacteriological purity and low outlet loss.     
Unique homogeneity is reached in range -5 °C - -3°C enabling subsequent mechanical treatment. In case of consequent freezing considerable liquid nitrogen reduction is reached in comparison to conventional methods resulting in positive surface temperatures.