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Main Advantages of the Microwave Heating

  • Speeding up: minutes instead of hours!!
  • Volume Energy transmission - cold vessel
  • ENERGY Savings, Room Savings
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Automatization
  • Safety *
  • Environment *

Comparing to the processes using the combustion


Accelerating of the chemical reactions

Specific microwave influence is periodic bipolar molecules movement and also extreme energetic influence to ions. This accelerate many reaction in both organic and anorganic industries saving possibly toxical or flamable dissolvants, decreasing exhalation and achieving far better final product composition.


Microwave application for sintering compared with conventional heating runs faster on the same temperature level or can be even achieved at lower temperature.

Chemicals nad Pharmaceutics

Drying, reaction controls reaction energy supplying, plasma-chemistry etc.

Unique properties of the microwave heating find application in chemistry and pharmaceutical industry notably in specialized production improving chemical reaction, drying, sintering and application consuming thermal energy. Most important is microwave application for high-end products with higher value that could be deteriorated or degraded by conventional heating methods. Important advantage is also better safety preventing fire and explosion danger since the microwave heating does not need combustion. Saving of combustibles and fosiles is also environment friendly.


Drying of chemical half-products by MW speeds up substantially the process. Very good uniformity of the resident moisture is achieved due to selective microwave absorption by water and dissolvents. Another advantage is possibility to reach extremely low moisture and very precise process driving. The dried material does not tend to create surface crust that helps to improve very gentle material structure. Thermosensible materials are often dried at decreased subatmospheric pressure.  The energy balance is driven by physical latent energy needed for evaporating and results in 1kW of microwave power for 1 liter dried per hour.


Microwave preheating brings very uniform heating of the material. Improves the productivity of desired technology process, improves the final quality and decrease technology waste and rejects.